The mop of my dreams.

Well, ok, that title might be a little overstated. I do not dream about mops, or any other cleaning supplies for that matter (knock on wood). 

I am not usually one for product reviews, or promotion of any kind, but as a stay at home mom with two large shedding dogs, 3 kids and a contractor for a man, my house gets nastyyy super easily. I must give credit where it is due. This…

Is literally the best thing ever. It is $40, and it has 2 different pads available, a wet one and a dry one. I use the wet one for both, I do have the dry one as well, and use it on occasion… But the wet one is better for chunks when dry mopping… (Yes, chunks, see the mention of who lives in my house)

It takes an entire 5 minutes to go over the hard floors in my whole house… I’d say I probably have.. oh 1600+ sq ft of hard floors.. I have ditched my broom and dustpan for almost everything… Except the chunks at the end. 

This is similar to a Norwex Mop for literally less than half the price. The pads for this work on the Norwex Mop and vice versa, as I do have a couple of those as well, there isn’t much difference between the two pads, the Norwex ones are thicker, and clean just as well, however, I rinse mine when wet mopping and they are a pain to wring out to keep going so I only use them if the E-Cloth ones are dirty. 

If you have a lot of wood floors and pets, you NEED this! I use mine every single day.

You’re welcome 😉


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