Hello, My Name is Anne, and it has been 8 months since my last blog post….

Hello, My Name is Anne, and it has been 8 months since my last blog post….

It is a little bit of an addiction, and I seem to have lost my way. Many things have changed in the last 8 months and one of them is not me. I have always been the same, I don’t change, but everything around me seems to at an alarming rate. Perhaps I am the one who needs to adjust. This is problematic because I am somewhat stuck in my ways. This small town life is clearly not for me. Everyone knows everyone, and not a single secret is safe. I miss being able to hide in a crowd of strangers. Call me rude, but I don’t want to talk to people all the time and put on a happy face just so people don’t pry into my business. I have not gone out to do anything in this town in months, which is the way it will stay. The class of people in this area is about 20-30% well educated, very nice, people. the other 70-80% are nothing but trash that insist on causing drama. No, I do not think I am better than anyone else, but I have risen above so much crap, that I am unbelievably beyond it. I left my past where it was for a reason.

This post is rather dark, but so is my mood today, so it will have to do…



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