Of “Dog” and Other Things

This page has been as bare as the frozen tundra as of late. I know I promised myself more “me” time, to write, and to rediscover my own thoughts. That has not been going so well… Clearly. The loss of me time was completely inadvertent. The dog, quite literally, ATE my glasses. In the midst of a long night, Dolly (the culprit), went into my purse and took my glasses out and chewed/ate/slobbered them. Miss Chew-Happy also happened to destroy my sunglasses in the same sitting. Everything else from the purse remained untouched.

With a cheap pair of readers in-tow I have been bludgeoning my way through The First Law Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie. I am about halfway through the final book, “Last Argument of Kings.” So far the series has been good. There have been several slower spots in which I have had to set one of the books down and come back to it, which may just be me. Some of the battle descriptions get lengthy in spots and I find myself skimming to find out what happened. There are points in life, however, where you can never have enough detail.

Bed time stories are actually a thing at my house. Bath, teeth, story, bed. We have a routine. Last week I decided to start reading my three year old a chapter book instead of the usual picture books about princesses. We began to read “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.” The thought never occurred to me that I would have to stop and explain what words or sayings from another time meant. Her first question: “What is a wardrobe?” *FACEPALM* The thought crossed my mind whether I actually wanted to continue this or not. She has absorbed everything we have read with further explanation. We did finally make it through the first chapter and I asked her what happened. The explanation in the terms of a three year old:

“They moved to a big house with lots of bedrooms. The girl went into a closet and ended up in a forest with lots of snow, and then she got in big big trouble.”

Well, she knows not to go dig through OUR closets 🙂 Ha-Ha.

Goodnight All.


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